Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost island map template (4)

I'm still working on a major update of my map incorporating the maps and clues of season 4. In the meantime, here's the newly designed map template. The main focus was set on including more details from the screenshots of Rousseau's map. I hope you like the result.

A million thanks to Mr Couchman who helped me realizing the mountains!

Feel free to use the template to create your own maps and post them in the net.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Lost island map by LostySmurf (3.1)

Lost island map by LostySmurf 3.1Lost island map template

I've made some updates on my map that contain several modifactions respecting recent clues from the show. It took some time to incorporate the new cable map seen on the show and I think I made some bold changes that I need to comment. But first of all huge thanks to John Locke 007 (formerly known as MikeQuinn007) and Maverick for their great ideas helping me to improve the map!

  • A 1x1 mile grid has been added to the map (idea by John Locke 007 and Maverick). It is based on Juliets statement that the Hydra island is two miles offshore (see S03E07) and the assumption that the Hydra island is the one seen in the South of the map.
  • I've resized the Hydra island to a size that is roughly twice the size of Alcatraz using the above mentioned scale.
  • John Locke 007 found a circle in one of the screenshots showing the northern part of the island that I've added to the map
  • I've done some repositioning of the locations to incorporate all clues provided by the different maps of the show. The major change is that I've placed the Flame station to the crossed out station mark on the blastdoor map. There are several hints that the 'alleged location of the Flame' is wrong (see The Flame). Thanks to Maverick for this idea.

Any feedback is very welcome and thanks again for the great contributions!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lost island map by Dreamer

Great maps of the Lost island from Dreamer. You'll find her map project page on her blog using following link:

Dreamer's Map project

Monday, February 26, 2007

Lost island map by LostySmurf (Ver. 3)

Lost island map by LostySmurf (V3)Lost island map template (V3)
  • Some updates on the island's outline (thanks to MikeQuinn007 for the screenshots)
  • Added the gridlines, two other "X"s and triangle of Danielle's map (also provided by MikeQuinn007)
  • Some further thoughts about the position of the Pala Ferry.

Last but not least, huge thanks to Yung23 and MikeQuinn007 for their great work, observations and ideas!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Lost island map by YUNG23

lost island map by yung23Follow the links to get to the excellent maps made by yung23 posted at the LOST-TV forum. IMO, these are the best maps of the Lost island you'll find in the web.

YUNG23s all in one place MAP THREAD
MAPS of the island & hatch in 3d

Friday, December 1, 2006

Lost island map by LostySmurf (Ver.2.1)

lost island mapThis is the latest update of my Lost island map. I have added the lines from the blastdoor map to get a better impression of the position of the other DHARMA station. As always, your feedback is very welcome!

Edit (01/10/07): Some visual updates and corrections on Pala Ferry and Hydra placement.

Edit (02/22/07): Added the template for your own map creations

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lost island map by LostySmurf (Ver. 2)

Lost island map
Here is a preliminary updated version of my map. I still have to rewatch some episodes to complete it.

I'm planning to add a list of locations to this site that will clarify how I spotted them on the map.