Monday, November 20, 2006

Lost island map by LostySmurf (Ver. 2)

Lost island map
Here is a preliminary updated version of my map. I still have to rewatch some episodes to complete it.

I'm planning to add a list of locations to this site that will clarify how I spotted them on the map.


Ken said...

Nice, looks better. Ok, About the Othersville dot, shouldn't it be just a tiny bit higher to be not on the top of a mountain? and just behind them mountains, thats what it looks like. The taillies location looks great, the 4-toe foot as well.

I think Danielle's location is too far north, I don't think Sayid went THAT far around the island To get to Danielle?

Hmmm, where is Desmond's boat? You know I believe the way they did the story is not fool-proof, meaning there are probably logical errors. Like Kelvin and Desmond went from the Swan Station and to Desmond's boat withing 108 minutes.. can't be very far.

The Pala Ferry can be anywhere, because they tranq'd Jack and them then brought them to another location, cause they were no where near the water, but they were close to the fake camp. It has to be at the north side of the island. You are doing pretty good with this.

LostySmurf said...

Thanks, Ken!

- Othersville: Yes, you are right! Should be slightly NNE. I will take that into my next update.

- Danielle's hideout: That's I would say too. But the only evidence we got from Lost was Sayid showing the area of danielle's hideout to Jack and Hurley (in S01E18). The screenshot of that is a bit tricky because there's a fold on the map. But when you watch closely, you can see that Sayid points to this area between those mountain "spikes" (north and south) in the center of the map.

- Desmond's boat: Exactly! The whole Desmond story seems to be a bit confusing (Why didn't he give Jack/Locke the failsafe key? How could he be able to sail circles for two weeks? ...). That is why I took it out. Maybe I'll get a clue if I rewatch the season 2 finale.

(The following are taken from the old thread)
- Pala Ferry: Sun said something like: "Why should be a dock all the way out here". And another point: When you're standing on the dock facing the water, there's a mountain to the left and your back. I usually would say: "Ok, they just filmed it in a random location". But here, they just spend too much camera time on this mountain...

- Fake camp: Should be north from the losties camp (Walt told Michael so in the "Chat").

Ken said...

Actually yea!! The first place you had put Desmond's boat is probably 100% right. I just saw it in my mind, remember when desmond is running after Kelvin? through the wood first, then some orange or light brown ROCK... where the Crater is right?? So it has to be in that spot and when Sayid went past that area, he didn't go all the way around the Crater, and missed the boat..... What do you think? I just have a feeling the crater itself might be on the east side of the map, but not sure why, sorry no evidence lol.

LostySmurf said...

Desmond's boat might be: a) at the crater or b) in the coast area the Taillies couldn't cross (in "The other 48 days"). Maybe these two locations are the same. They observations you described (orange/brownish rock) apply for both of them.

At first, I also thought that Sayid might have taken the "shortcut" over the island. But I would consider this as a minor problem (we don't see the trail Sayid takes). A bigger problem is that it looks like the Losties took the way around the crater twice in the season one finale. One time when Danielle, Locke, Kate and Hurley went to the Black Rock to get the dynamite, the other time when Sayid and Charlie were after Danielle to get Claire's baby back. This seemed odd to me at first because you wouldn't pass the crater on the direct (point-to-point) route to the Black Rock/smoke. So the question is: Why should they go around the crater? The answer: Because it's the faster way! When you are staying at the coast, you don't have to pass hills, mountains or the jungle. However, the problem remains: They would have probably seen Desmond's boat.

The crater in the east? I think I know, why you got that feeling: Danielle's other map (the one with the latitude scale, see Lostpedia) shows a view of the island from ~SE (implied by the triangles on the maps Sayid put together). On this map is an arrow with the caption "le cratere" (sp?) in the center of the map. This brings up following options:
- The outlook drawn on this map isn't from SE
- There is another crater in the mountains

It's completely confusing but this is why I love the show :-)

And finally, to close the circle: The boat on Rousseau's other map might be Desmond's.

losty09 said...

interesting map. i dissagree with your placement of the crater. if you watch the first 5 minutes of the season 3 premiere, you see that the other's village is actaully in the crater. and they were only 1 hour from where the tail section landed. so i think the other's village/crater is a lot closer to the tail section crash site.

losty09 said...

i also don't think the pit and the arrow would be so far from the tailsectio, but that is just my opinion. great work, keep it up!

LostySmurf said...

Hi losty09 and thank you for your input! :-)

The position of the southern crater is taken from Danielle's map (see e.g. S03E02) and I don't think the village of the Others is placed in this area. IMHO, Othersville isn't placed in a crater at all, but surrounded by some ("crateresque" arranged) mountains (see my placement in the NW). I may be wrong, but I'm going to get the feeling that I've been looking at this season three opener screenshot for years. LOL

The placement of the pit and the Arrow is based on following observations: They left the crash site to get away from the beach. Bernard mentioned that they were walking for 3 days straight to get from the tail crash site to the pit. Nathan said that they have a rock wall at their back. They travelled on (after AL killed Goodwin) and needed 2 days to reach the beach and finally the Arrow. The Taillies stayed at the Arrow for some time until they captured Jin, Michael and Sawyer, dragged them to the pit and threw them into it (within some hours, but not 2 days). My interpretation of that: Pit and the Arrow are rather close together and each is close to the beach. We see that the Arrow is near a mountain and the beach (looking at the sea) has some hills to the left and runs far to the right. So I've chosen a point at the eastern coastline that corresponds with this observations. As I said, this is only my interpretation. Maybe I've missed a clue and the positions of the Arrow/pit are totally wrong (hopefully not :-) ).

losty09 said...

i see that reasoning, thanks lostysmurf. You have a cool idea here, keep going with it!

Ken said...

Hey there Losty smurf! I wanted to comment about Othersville in a crater. What you said about the moutain sounds right. But something is telling me it was a large crater and over some recent centuries the land had recovered (carbon process) and then started to support vegetative life again and the jungle returned. Or its just the forming of the mountains LOL.
I'm probably going with the mountains, because mountain can do that.

I agree with everthing you have done, you are doing good. You have found more clues than me. that little crater on the south-west coast bugs me, it doesn't look like it belongs there.... and seen it on no other maps, what is the reference to this crater? :-)

LostySmurf said...

Hi Ken, I've got the feeling that the Otherville-is-inside-a-crater-idea is a widely spread theory. Hmm, maybe I was wrong. The crater might be caused by an impact (meteoroid?), an underground explosion (nuclear test?) or be of volcanic nature (see also crater depth). The only thing that bugs me: Why isn't the rim running all around the crater? Maybe such crater-forms exist and your idea of a very old crater and the recovering landscape would explain this. So I think this might be an reasonable option. What do you think would that mean for the position of Othersville?

The southern crater is shown several times on Danielle's map (see my updates: here and here). It's also an arrow on Danielle's other map pointing to 'le cratere' (see ). So this crater wasn't my idea. :-)

Ken said...

Hi Losty. Happy New Year! I was just thinking and visualizing the crater where Othersville is in my mind.
A possibility that the crater could be a dorment volcano. From the shape ridges of the nearby moutains(hills) It could be a very old volcano. Just a thought.

Maybe the flame station has something to do with controlling the volcano, and there should be some meteorology station that the losties haven't found yet, that might also relate to that area of the Others.

LostySmurf said...

Hi Ken! Happy New Year to you, too! :)

Nice thoughts about the volcano. You should really read yung23's theory about the position of Othersville (see the latest post on my main site). It may take some time to read everything but he has been working on his maps for a long time and analysed the hints given in the show very good. I spent the last three days (with some little breaks) on reading his posts. Totally awesome! He has some excellent arguments about the position of the Hydra islet and Othersville (it's funny for me because I had similar thoughts in the past but did some misinterpretation at some points). I agree with him that the crateresque arrangement in the S3 opening was made to distract the audience/map makers and that the mountains at the right and bottom of the screen a parts of coastline cliffs.

Seirian said...

I think it's really cool you're doing this. However, I think some of the locations are wrong. I don't mean to be that way, but I've had some revelations about some spots.

Like "Hydra". I don't think it was an island at all. "The only way to gain a con-man's respect is to con him."

I'm working on my own map...which I'll post if you want. I super-imposed the blast door map onto your template and rotated it to Swan's assumed position. The rest fell into place after that.

LostySmurf said...

Hi Seirian,

yeah, most likely there are a lot of locations wrong or missing on my map also due to a lack of updates.

Please post your map. The BDM is still giving me a major headache...

TheLostMap said...

Hey Losty,

Long time. How have you been?
It's amazing they released the map, isn't it? It would have save us both sooo much time.
Anyway, I updated my site and was curious what you think.
Thanks so much for the link to my site.
I can't wait to see your updated map.


LostySmurf said...

Hey Mike!

thanks for the update! Eventhough I don't find the time to post some comments at the moment I still love your map and your site!

Looks like there have been A LOT of changes on your map. I'll post a comment on your site very soon.