Monday, February 26, 2007

Lost island map by LostySmurf (Ver. 3)

Lost island map by LostySmurf (V3)Lost island map template (V3)
  • Some updates on the island's outline (thanks to MikeQuinn007 for the screenshots)
  • Added the gridlines, two other "X"s and triangle of Danielle's map (also provided by MikeQuinn007)
  • Some further thoughts about the position of the Pala Ferry.

Last but not least, huge thanks to Yung23 and MikeQuinn007 for their great work, observations and ideas!


Matt said...

Hello. First of all I just want to say, that I've spent a great deal of time analyzing various maps of the Lost Island and yours seems to be the most accurate by far, so keep up the good work. My roommate and I were examining your map and comparing it to the most recent episodes of Lost, and we've come up with a theory. We believe the Hydra Island may be located somewhere west of the main island. We have two pieces of evidence: when Ben shows Sawyer the view of the main island from the Hydra, you can distinctly see three ridges, which conicide with the west side of the main island. Secondly, Kate and Sawyer enter the main beach camp from the right, indicating that they are approaching from the west. There is also no indication that they encounter any of the orange volcanic rock, that would coincide with an easterly approach vector. Let me know what you think and again keep up the good work!

LostySmurf said...

Hi Matt,

thanks for your (and your roommate's) theory and I'm glad you like my work!

I see the three ridges you're referring to on the side view (see screenshot with notes). Assuming this view showed the island from the west, it would cover the whole island (the right fading edge would be the crater and the left one would be somewhere near Danielle's 'X' on the top left of her map). IMO, the island's dimension is greater than that part we're seeing on this screenshot. Some time ago, I thought about the Hydra island being east of the main island but discarded that idea again because of the same reason. Hmmm, or do you think it shows only some part of the north-western peninsula? Which parts of the main island can be seen in this side view?

The last Lost episode was hinting that the Hydra island and Pala Ferry is located in the north and I guess that's also the reason for showing Kate and Sawyer enter from the right and not passing the volcanic area. But this could also mean somewhere in the north-west. I hope we get some more information from Rousseau/Kate on their trip to Othersville in the next weeks.

Andrei said...


Your maps look great.

Excuse my curiosity, but I'd like to know what program you used to create them.


LostySmurf said...

Hi Andrei,

I'm glad you like my map. I'm using PaintShopPro 6.

Aaron Yates said...

I like the placement of everything except for the island stations. Realistically the Flame has to be further north than the "Zeke" marker, I would say the same about the Staff. And unless you want to incorporate teleportation into the equation; there is no way to explain how the Tail survivors would find the Arrow before I don't know... Otherville, Fake Camp, Statue, Other Survivors, Rousseau, the Flame, the Staff... I think you get the point. (Aside from saying Goodwin)

I'm not going to watch the episode "The Other 48 Days" but I am wondering why there it is believed that the Arrow is on the north east side of the island? Is it not possible that the blast door maps are inverted?

aaron yates said...

Actually inverting it across the vertical axis not only accounts for the Arrow, it also puts the Pearl close to a ridge-line, it places the Pearl in the middle of the crash trajectory (which it apparently should be after this week), and it also allows the "fake camp" with the dharma door to line up with the crossed out station on the blast door.

LostySmurf said...

Hi Aaron,

thanks for your comment. After seeing the cable map, I'm also very unhappy with my placement of the stations and I'm currently thinking of how to place the stations incorporating all maps seen on Lost (blastdoor map, cable map, Danielle's map, ...).

Yes, Goodwin is my main argument for that issue and I think the Taillies haven't explored the area that much (at least, we haven't seen it) because of their encounters with the Others. We know that Nathan spent some time walking around and maybe that was also a reason that he was killed.

We know that Locke followed a bearing of 305 which is something like North-West to get to the Flame station. But why would Radzinsky draw an inverted (or mirrored) map? Any ideas?

aaronyates said...

The only reason I could think for an inverted map would be if there was an original map that he transferred onto the wall by projector or the classic silly putty like transfer.

Of course it could just be another hidden message in the puzzle, why would Radzinsky use latin for common statements? The blast door maps just bother me.

LostySmurf said...

Yeah, the blastdoor map actually adds more confusion instead of clarifying any clues. I even thought that maybe some stations on it were mixed up.

One remark about the latin notes: I could identify that two of them make sense to be written in latin: 'Hic sunt dracones' is a common notation to symbolize an unexplored or dangerous territory and 'Liberate te ex inferis' could be a reference to the movie Event Horizon. But I've no idea about the other latin writings. I guess he thought it sounded cool :)

Maverick said...

First Post. Great work, I printed a large copy of your template map to use in my calculations.

Using your map, perhaps The Flame is located by the "dangerous rivers" area just NW of where you place the Barracks. The blast map says Alledged location of the The Flame, but unlikely. It is within his 108 travel distance but he never finds it, yet he finds The Staff much further away.

The top of the blast map has a crossed out station (barracks,flame?) and says something about the security barrier and "why so many dharmatel relays past this point?" and a possible data dump.

The map says The Arrow is a transport Hub and the Pearl people would probably travel via underground tunnels to the arrow and then to the Pala Ferry.
The location of the Pala ferry is confusing but assuming facing out towards the water from the dock is 12:00 then sayid traveling north from the camp approched from 9 to 11 (using the SS of him looking via binoculars)and when the hatch imploaded they all looked 6 to 8 presumably towards the hatch (the light is everywhere but fades away towards that locaton. Since we know the basic position of The Swan the Pala Ferry can only be in a few places.

Given what we know The Flame can't be in the position we see on the blast map. (and doesnt the 305 compass position lead straight up the middle of the island when you account for the magnetic effects?)

Another thing that could be useful is that we know the position of the hydra island, and we know its distance to the main island. Could we not use that to create a rough scale, and use that to plot locations more accurately?

LostySmurf said...

Hi Maverick,

thanks for your post! I'm very glad you pointed that out because now it makes perfectly sense to me. I didn't paid enough attention to the note describing that it's only the ALLEGED position of the Flame and an other note actually qualifying it (see 'But unlikely due to Cerberus activity'). Taking the notes of the top area of the BDM into account about 1) the security barrier, 2) the hub for E.E.P (Emergency Escape Protocol) conduits, 3) the offshore data dump and 4) the 'Intranet' labelled arrow from the Arrow station, I think it's a very good theory to say that the Flame IS located at the crossed out station mark.

Applying a compass bearing of 305 at the Swan would exactly lead the others to the 'alleged' position of the Flame,ignoring the magnetic anomaly. But Eko was buried close to the Pearl and if we apply this bearing at the Pearl and add some degrees caused by the magnetic offset (unfortunately, there aren't any precise values for that) we will get to the crossed out station.

Your mentioned way to determine the position of the Pala Ferry is comprised of clues I used to determine its current position (though, I didn't respected the direction they were looking when the sky turned purple). I think it's somewhere in this area, maybe a little bit more South. What do you think?

I've discussed with MarkQuinn007 (aka John Locke 007) about this scale some weeks ago (see this post) and I already added a grid to my map (based on Juliets statement that the Hydra is 2 miles offshore). I think it isn't 100% correct right now but I will include it in my next update of the map for a start.

I will incorporate all this ideas in my map and post a new version. Thanks again for your great contribution!

AVDJ said...

You've done a great job with this. Just great. If I remember correctly, you were posting much more crude versions of this at the Lostcasts website many months ago. The shape stuck in my mind.

I must admit that my own mental map of the island puts some of the stations in different areas than the ones you chose, but I have to hand it to you... What you have done is amazing to me, and I love it the way I love the show. Best wishes.

LostySmurf said...

Thanks AVDJ!

Well, I posted my very first map at DarkUFO's some time ago when I launched this site (I guess it was last November). I'm always trying to improve my map continually and I'm quite happy with the current results (comparing them to my old maps). Though, I've to admit that there's still much room for improvement (e.g. with the stations, as you've pointed out).

I'm very glad that you like my work and that you're having a good time.

John Locke 007 said...

Hey Losty,

I've been detailing my map, and in the process, I think I may have determined what the note Rousseau says (the one with the arrow). I was hoping it would lead us to location, but unfortunetly, I'm pretty sure it says the equivalent to " Avoid this Location, air canopy trap".

I'm getting close to finishing my map, now I have to learn how to make a blog so I can post it. I bought a book to teach me about blogs, and it looks pretty easy. If I have any question, would you mind if I ask you? Thanks.

The following will refresh your memory concerning the location of the note.


LostySmurf said...

Hey Mike,

wow, great work. I'm very impressed how you're making something of this scribble. The only thing I can identify is 'location' (but also just because of knowing that it's something containing 'location'). I wonder how you're doing that: Do you use your graphic editor and do some edge enhancement or do you have a secret source for HD screenshots?

I'm somehow a little bit relieved that it's "only" one of her wicked traps and nothing important, because after seeing Sayid and Kate ignoring relentlessly the subterranean passages on the cable map, I started to get worried... :)

I've send you an E-Mail regarding your blog.

John Locke 007 said...

Hey Losty

I simply use my software to enhance the tone and "wash out" the noise. I wish I has access to HD photo's. It's just hard work. LOL

There are other locations, but I'm not quite convinced of their legitamacy. When/if I am you'll be the first to know.

I really appreciate your generous help in developing a blog. I think it will be fun to have one.

I can't wait to have fun and try to find things, instead of being concerned with the map and blog.



LostySmurf said...

Hi Mike,

it's really a pity: When I try to enhance an image it always gets either too blurry or the noise increases. I think I've to practise some more. They should release Lost on Blue-ray/HD DVD (that would be a reason to buy a player). :)

And you are very welcome. I'm always happy when I can help.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why New Otherton is so far away from the other stations though

LostySmurf said...

Well, it's been some time since this map was created (first part of season 3). The position of the barracks on it is mainly based on the season 3 opening shot.

Nydia said...

Keep up the good work.