Monday, November 13, 2006

Lost island map by LostySmurf

Lost island mapIt is very likely that some locations are not marked at their correct position. Please consider that:

  • The Pala Ferry position was determined by the surrounding landscape (see S02E24). So it might be completely out of place.
  • The location where the Others live (Othersville) has to be somewhere in the marked area although it doesn't quite fit into the landscape (see S03E01).
  • The fake camp position was taken from Sayid's mapping (see S03E02). It might be the position of something else (e.g. the four-toed statue or position of his signal fire).
  • All entries in the central valley may not be correct as it is hard to get any clues to their real position.
  • The island with the Hydra station might be somewhere else. The marked island matches the entry on the blast door map.


Anonymous said...

Cool map!

Ken said...

Hey Losty :-) how's it going? Kewl little site here. I like the map idea and constructing one, but I myself haven't ever did this and there are alot of locations where they can really be anywhere.
I'm not trying to complain or anything here, so please don't think this. Its just, I like accuracy and this template could be missing many mountain ranges, the size proportional to real life size can be off, there is a number of things. For instance, how does one determine the exact shape, I do have an idea in my head of what the island looks like. Where othersville is compared to losties and etc.

Ok, one point Season 3 opening scene. When they see the plane crashing. They are looking at the plane south of them I am predicting or south-east. It breaks apart and the middle second falls fast down on a piece of the beach that is to the right of the direction they are looking and the tail went to the left (considerably closer to them than the centre section). It all looks like the same island, but there is a huge cove or bay between Othersville and the southern part of the island.

As for the crater (I don't recall any crater), I assume that Sayid walked all along the beach, so he would see Desmond's Boat.

LostySmurf said...

Hi Ken,

thanks for your comments. I just started this site and I'm a little noob in all this blog stuff but I think everybody has to start small. :)

I understand your concern about map construction because it can really be a pain in the butt to get all the locations and information right. I have no problem to get criticized. It's an important part in the development process to get improvements. So don't worry about that.

You are right about the missing accuracy. The outer shape of the island is hand-drawn based on screencaps of Rousseau's and existing fan maps. The problem is that only parts of them map are shown in detail (e.g. the top) and other parts are rather blurry (or even mirrored in one scene). Sometimes it can be very difficult to get everything right.

An essential point you mentioned is the S3 opening scene. When the plane breaks apart, the tail section seems to fall down straightly, while the fuselage and front keep flying on its route.
The following total view looks like CGI so I assume that it is precise. We are looking south-west and see smoke from two places. One is rather close to the right of Othersville in the bay/cove, the other one is far behind the mountains to the right. Now, there are to possible solutions:

1. The right one is the tail section and the left one the cockpit and fuselage.
2. The right one is the fuselage and the left one is the cockpit (so that the tail section crash site cannot be seen in this view).

For my map I preferred the first one, as it seems to be the simplest solution.

But there are more clues:
- Otherville is very close to the mountain to the south.
- If you take a close look, you will see that Othersville seems to be located on a plateau (at least it is significantly higher than the beach).
- land mass or shallow water can be seen on the left side of the bay/cove (so I think it's the same island).
- The only thing that really doesn't fit are the mountains to the right (facing north).

As Danielle noted on the map that the northern part of the island is dangerous, I assumed that it's also mapped less detailly (Notice: No other area on the map is so flat like that part in the north/north-east).

Des' boat will propably be somewhere else. I'll try to get more hints about that and reposition it on the map.

So, I hope I haven't scared you off by the size of this comment :)

Ken said...

No you haven't scared me off, just confused the heck out of me. LOL . To me it looks like you getting your right and lefts mixed up. When I say right, its right of the direction they are looking in.
The others were looking south to south-west, the tail section crashed further than the centre and fusalage. Tail fell to the left of the direction the losties were looking in, Centre and fusalage crashed to the right of the tail section. Does that make sense?

Also, the hydra island, is it north or south of the island?
I believe its north, off the north side of the island, close to the others. Does this make sense?

If the hydra island was south like your map, Sayid would have seen it walking down and around the island to eventually meet up with Danielle.

Losty, the map I found on Lostpedia looks fairly accurate! Why not be happy with this? lol

LostySmurf said...

Hi Ken,

oh, you are right! There is an error in my previous comment.

One is rather close to the right of Othersville in the bay/cove, the other one is far behind the mountains to the LEFT. Now, there are to possible solutions

Take a look at the following screenshot. The tail dropped down like a stone (right) and the fuselage continued its way (left).

About the Hydra station: Most people think that it's north of the island (due to the position of the sun, when Ben showed Sawyer the main island). I think that would be too obvious :-)
And Sayid just would have seen a very small island. I don't think that the Hydra itself is visible from the main island (then why would Ben have taken Sawyer up that mountain?).

As I said, I am really liking the map you found (my favorite is the "WALT!!!" caption)! But nobody knows how long we have to wait to get it updated, when new information are revealed in the show. A soon as all mysteries have been revealed and I was proven wrong, you are allowed to throw rocks at me :-)

BTW, I am just working on an update of the map to get a bit more accuracy in the landscape...

Ken said...

*sigh* we are clashing like crazy! LOL.
When I saw the plane break up, the tail section brought off, but went way Left (west) and the centre dropped earlier landing on a beach like behind the cove (water).

Taillies Left, Losties right. Taillies were CLOSE to them, alot closer than Losties.

The tail end drop off first, and fell close to them.. the plane was coming in on some angle, leaving a dropping tail end to actually drop shorter than the centre. but it looks Left *tail* Right *Centre*.

Goodwin got there really fast. A lot faster than Ethan.

As for the hydra island. Its north of the main island, as sawyer and ben stood on a mountain to see the northern tip of the main island. THen beyound that end of the island there is a plateau like you mentioned where Othersville is , then right south of that is a huge column of mountainous terrain, with probably very dangerous to traverse and thats why they use boats (the others that is). When I said that they couldn't ever see the island, because they never got to a place northern enough on the island to see past the mountains hiding othersville and thus the hydra too. (to tell you the true, I don't see how the hydra would be on another island, but I guess it is. and this is how i see the island now). Zeke never let the losties cross that line, which is heading to the area where you can see that island.

miguel said...

did you know that the misfit never went to the premiere?

but anyway cool map

LostySmurf said...

I hope, I got it now: You wanted to clarify that my second theory (see 2. above) isn't working. That correct, Ken. Just as I read your comment about the flight path, I figured out that it makes no sense.

If that was not the point, I'm completely confused. In your previous post you said that you are referring to the perspektive of Ben et al when talking about right and left (so am I) and that they are looking south to south-west (I agree so far). So from this perspective the tail section would be on the right hand and the front one on the left hand.

Talking about the Hydra island: Yes, it's most likely north of the main island and I'll put it there. But though, I don't agree with all of your arguments and wouldn't count them necessarily as "Pro-North" ones. A big argument against it would be the missing mountains in the northern part of the island but I disabled that one already by myself. :)

This is just what I think:
- Zeke primarily drew this line to protect Othersville.
- The Hydra is not visible from the main island. The double-alcatraz-sized island it's located on is visible from the main island (regardless its true location).

But thanks again for your contribution and for your patience with me (this left-right discussion really tired LostySmurf's brain. LOL)!

@miguel: Well, I don't mind!

Ken said...

LoL, sorry Losty. But hey, I remember the episode clear as day. Part of the plain went way left and other was just behind cove there from the view of Ben and rest. We saw it on TV lol. The taillies were closer to the Others than the losties. SO that must mean that the tail section fell way to the left of Ben's vision looking South south-west and the middle just behind the cove.
Anyways, you are welcome.

LostySmurf said...

Hi Ken, if you don't trust my screenshot posted above (I wouldn't either... :) ), please take a look at the official ones (see

The column of smoke on the left seems to be really far away (see, while the one on the right (in the cove) is rather close (though not close enough to get there within an hour).

Maybe you have seen something that I haven't (or maybe they have selected specific shots on the website to mislead the audience) but I have analyzed this screenshots quite extensively.

Or do you mean that the tail section crash site isn't visible at all in the total view).

Ken said...

Yea, its a bit hard to read these images.
But yea on photo 89 or 90 (the full view one) There is a left and a right(behind cove)
I always thought the area behind cove is the losties and the other one (was actually closer) and it was the Taillies. Now I don't know anymore lol..
When Ben asked Ethan and Goodwin to head to the crash sites (we know Goodwin gets to his site first) Did Ben assign Ethan to losties and Goodwin to Taillies? or did they pick the site they went to afterwards ...?

LostySmurf said...

Here's the transcript of this part.

[They all move to doorways and wait until the shaking stops. After it subsides we're outside and see everyone coming out of their homes. We see a brief shot of Ethan, discovering that he was the man working on Juliet's house. Then, we see the person we know as Henry Gale coming out of another house. Everyone looks up at the sky. They see a plane flying over which then breaks apart in mid-air and crashes.]

GALE: Goodwin, did you see where the tail landed?

GOODWIN: Yeah, probably in the water.

GALE: You run and you can make that shore line in an hour. Ethan, get up there to that fuselage. There may actually be survivors; and you're one of them. A passenger -- in shock -- come up with an adequate story if they ask. Stay quiet if they don't. Listen, learn, don't get involved. I want lists in 3 days. Go.

[Goodwin and Ethan run off. Henry notices Juliet standing nearby holding a Steven King book.]

(see Transcript "Tale of two cities")

So he told Goodwin to go to the Taillies.

I've finally updated my map and put the Hydra island in the north. I still have to figure out the positions of the fake camp and the Pala Ferry.

Ken said...

Damn I love this show, hehe. Ok I am starting to see what you mean! The tail must have landed just behind the cove from the view and that was closest cause Goodwin was set to it. Ethan has to treck through alot of jungle to get to the losties arriving later?
But this only holds true if the left smoke streak was further or went further.
Because Ethan could have run to the left area instead of the one behind the cove, then it would be switched. The taillies would be more on the east part of the island , but if you see the other map that I found at the lostpedia they have a dotted line showing where the taillies went because they were scared and found the arrow on the east side of the island.
So , it must be tail fell short and fusal went FURTHER (looks left) but its actually on the west coast of the island left of the taillies.. hmmm where DOES this place the Fake camp and Pala Ferry?
must be between.. Taillies crash site and Losties... how ironic.

LostySmurf said...

That's exactly what I mean, Ken (and BTW, I really love the show too).

some points about the mentioned locations:

- Pala Ferry: Sun said something like: "Why should be a dock all the way out here". And another point: When you're standing on the dock facing the water, there's a mountain to the left and your back. I usually would say: "Ok, they just filmed it in a random location". But here, they just spend too much camera time on this mountain...

- Fake camp: Should be north from the losties camp (Walt told Michael so in the "Chat").